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Excuse: You don’t have time!


It’s time to get healthy!  Wait… I already know what you’re going to say.  You don’t have time, right?!?!  Please hold the applause until the end of this post then feel free to give a standing ovation.  Okay, I can get pretty passionate sometimes, so consider yourself warned.


When I hear someone say they don’t have time when it comes to something health related, I pretty much have the same reaction as when I hear the word… oh, am I really going to type it…‘diet’ (grimace, gag, dry heave).  If you have time to watch The Bachelor (enter your favorite guilty pleasure show here), play video/computer games, check Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter, take a nap, or even read this post, YOU HAVE TIME TO GET HEALTHY!


Do you drink during the day?  Then choose to drink water instead of that Coke you just picked up!


Do you eat during the day?  Then choose to eat an apple or protein bar instead of those highly processed, sugar filled snacks you just bought out of the vending machine!


Do you have 30 minutes while the kids are napping or having quiet time?  Then choose to use that time to do a Jillian Michaels circuit training workout!



Are you going to bed way too late?  Then choose to turn the lights out earlier in order to give yourself a quality 7+ hours of sleep!


Do you need to go to the third or fifth or twentieth floor to get to your office?  Then choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator!


Healthy living doesn’t take time!  You have to eat, drink, sleep, and get from point A to point B each day!  It’s a CHOICE what you do and don’t put into your body.  It’s a CHOICE what your body will and won’t do that day.  It’s time to take ownership of your choices. CHOOSE health!


I could keep going, but I’m afraid that I might get too worked up, start breathing fire, and singe your eyebrows!  What healthy choice are you going to make time for today?

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