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Myth: Living Healthy is Expensive.

Let the myth busting begin!  Here’s the proof that an UNHEALTHY lifestyle is far more expensive than a healthy lifestyle.




1) An average american spends $3 per day on junk food like candy and chips.  That amounts to $1,095 annually PER PERSON.


2) The average household spends $50 a week on fast food.  That amounts to $2,619 annually.


3)  The average household spends $975 annually on television alone.


4) The average household spends about $5000 annually on video/computer games, internet, cell phones, movies, and television.


5) The average energy drink user spends $2-$3 daily.  That amounts to $913 annually PER PERSON.


6)  The average household spends $850 annually on soft drinks.


7) The average American household spends $60 a week on frozen, processed foods.


8) The average American worker spends $1,092 annually on coffee.


9) A person who smokes one pack a day spends $4000 a year on cigarettes.


10) An average couple spends $582 annually on alcoholic beverages.


11)  Medical costs from all the unhealthy living:

  • Basic Doctors visit: $130 per visit
  • Average cost of Root Canal: $1,200
  • Treatment for Type II Diabetes: $3,600 per year
  • Average American overall health care costs: $6,280 per year




1) Drink only water.  Drinking water not only saves your wallet , but it’s an essential and necessary step when getting healthy.


2) Cancel cable.  We spend WAY too much time watching TV.  Remove the temptation and just cancel it!  There are cheaper options which decrease the time needed to watch your favorite shows like Hulu plus, Netflix, and streaming video from websites.


3)  Cook and prepare meals more than eating out.  The costs of eating out far exceed the costs of cooking.  And obviously, cooking is much healthier.


4) Plan 10 day menus.  Use all fresh produce within 10 days so you don’t waste money throwing away food.


5) Coupons.  The trick to couponing is only cut coupons for items you actually need and purchase and don’t purchase something just because you have a coupon.  It kinda defeats the purpose.  I get coupons from the Sunday paper, The Krazy Coupon Lady, TargetWhole Foods, and Winco.  Target and Whole Foods allow you to use one of their coupons AND a manufacturer coupon on the same item.  Also, Whole Foods gives you 10% off anything purchased in case (12 items) such as shelf-able coconut or almond milk.  The savings pile on!


6) Bring your lunch to work.  On an average, lunch costs about $8 to $10.  Multiply that by 5 days a week for 1 month… that’s $160 to $200 a month!  My simple motto:  If you’re making money, don’t spend money.   NOT ONLY does bringing your lunch save you time and money, it’s MUCH healthier.  Here’s a link to cheap and healthy lunch ideas for adults.


7) Save on gas by walking, biking, taking public transportation, etc.  Check with your employer about possible discounts on public transit passes.


8)  Workout at home with DVDs saves on time, gas, and membership fees.  We bought free weights, resistance bands, yoga balls, and 90 day workout programs like P90X and Total Body Revolution.  The total cost is much less than paying for 2 gym memberships.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy the gym atmosphere and provided classes BUT working out at home works for our family and costs less.


9) Many companies contribute towards or pay for gym memberships or reward you for healthy living.  My employer, no… not my daughter the other one, pays $50 each quarter just for being involved in their Live Well campaign.


Are you convinced that unhealthy living is more expensive than healthy living?

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