Edamame- No Diets Allowed
Edamame- No Diets Allowed

Edamame are the ultimate power snack.  They’re high in fiber and protein.  They also have a nice portion of iron, vitamin C, and vitamin A.  In addition to the rockin’ nutrition facts, they really are delicious and fun to eat.


Just warm them up in the microwave, sprinkle on some salt, and pop out the beans with your fingers or teeth.  Even my daughter at 16 months loves popping out the beans herself!


Edamame 2- No Diets AllowedI purchase a large bag of Madame Edamame with 10 individual 9 oz. bags at Costco. Madame Edamame is non-GMO verified and organic.


Side Note:  There has been recent controversy on whether soy is good or bad for you.  I’ve recently read articles from Medline Plus, Today’s Dietitian, and the FDA supporting the health benefits ONLY IF YOU DO NOT have a sensitivity or allergy to soy.


I lived in Hong Kong for 3 years and Taiwan for 1.5 years and soy was a huge part of those countries diet.  Since Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore rank much higher than the United States on being the healthiest countries and also have a higher life expectancy, I think it’s safe to say maybe Americans should follow some of their food and lifestyle choices.

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