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My 6 Easy Health Steps

My 6 Easy Health Steps- No Diets Allowed


Have you stopped dieting?  Have you figured out what’s motivating you?  Have you decided to improve your lifestyle?  Well done!  Here are my 6 easy health steps AND yes, I actually do all these things and enjoy it!  Pst… don’t forget to check out my eBooks that have even more ideas on how to get and stay healthy.


1) I drink water and only water.  Usually anywhere from 2-3 liters a day.  Those zero calorie drinks or drinks starting with that evil word ‘diet’ are lying to you!  Even though the nutrition facts say zero calories or no sugar, your body isn’t getting the message.  Those artificial sweeteners do the exact same things as sugar!  Check out this episode on Katie Couric’s show where research shows sugar and artificial sweeteners are 8 times more addicting than cocaine!


2) I only eat and purchase prepackaged foods with natural and pure ingredients.  If I’m purchasing frozen blueberries, I only want to see ‘blueberries’ under ingredients and not added sugar or a list of chemicals that I struggle pronouncing!  If I have no idea what the ingredient is, I’m pretty sure my stomach doesn’t know how to digest it.  I can’t stress it enough… READ THE INGREDIENTS!


3) I eat fresh fruits and vegetables with each meal.  I’m a fruit/veggie-aholic.  I love crisp, juicy apples diced in my oatmeal.  I love snacking on edamame sprinkled with salt.  I love freshly washed red grapes… oh, are you still there?  Sorry, I was swept away by my fruit/veggie fantasy.  I’m back.  I eat pure and natural foods all day long, so I do enjoy one treat a day that doesn’t fall under the ‘pure and natural’ category.  We all need a little something that’s sweet or salty!  AND NO, you don’t have permission to drink a coke a day for your treat!


4) I dedicate at least 30 minutes a day, six times a week to physical activity.  Recently, my husband and I completed Jillian Michaels 12 week Body Revolution.  Check it out!   These workouts are 30-40 minutes and increases in intensity every 2 weeks.  We both have seen results. Everyone can dedicate 30 minutes a day to some type of physical activity! No excuses.


5) I get at least 7 hours of sleep at night.  I prefer 8-10 hours.  Getting at least 6 hours a night could improve your memory, help you lose weight, increase your stamina, and provide several other benefits.


6) Alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, coffee, and caffeinated teas DO NOT enter my body.  Period.  These substances and others, such as sugar and sodas, have numerous health and mental risks associated with them such as addiction.  Choose to not have these substances in your life.


Leave those excuses behind and commit to living these 6 healthy tips.  How can you change in order to incorporate these 6 steps?

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