Jennifer has successfully started implementing Step One.  I think it’s time for Jennifer to graduate to step two.  Since she no longer purchases unhealthy junk such as soda, her husband now has to drive somewhere to purchase his beloved Mountain Dew.  Let’s congratulate Jennifer for refusing to buy that detestable  poison and starting to purchase new healthier, delicious options.  On to Step Two.


“What are some healthy things I can pack for my kids lunches?” Jennifer was grocery shopping and frustrated.  Her kids usual lunches include Hawaiian punch, fruit cups, PB&J, potato chips, and a cookie.   After discussing some healthy substitutions, she purchased water bottles, fresh fruit, ingredients for a healthy sandwich, Sun chips, and Clif bars.  As we ended our conversation she uttered, “I’m having to completely re-learn how to grocery shop.”


Learning- No Diets AllowedStep Two: Completely re-learn how to grocery shop.  First, make a list of healthy meals you plan to make within the next 10 days.  Begin your grocery list by writing down the needed ingredients from those recipes.  Next, use healthy substitutions and quick tips to find other ideas for snacks and add those items to your list.  While shopping, stick to your list, have self control, and READ THE INGREDIENTS ON EACH LABEL!  


What challenges are you facing while re-learning how to grocery shop?

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