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The Forbidden Word ‘DIET’

small__5719683196I despise the word ‘diet’.  I know people who cringe or get the goose bumps from hearing words such as ‘moist’ or from the feel of velvet or the texture of yogurt.  For me, it’s the word ‘diet’.  I have to control my impulse to shutter, roll my eyes, gag, or run out the door when I hear someone say “I’m going to start my diet tomorrow” or “I’ve been really bad at my diet today”.


This is a NO DIETING ZONE.  Diet implies a beginning and an end, starvation, deprivation, celery only, punishment, torture, and just plain self loathing.  I don’t diet.  I don’t count calories.  I live healthy.  I actually ENJOY living healthy.


I remember eating an apple and almond butter (my favorite snack) during a lunch break at work and someone commented on how much self control I had in order to eat the way I do.  I was surprised she was so surprised that I actually, legitimately enjoy it!  No torture, punishment, or deprivation here.


If you’re dieting, stop.  It will get you nowhere.  You must change your lifestyle and attitude in order to have true success in reaching your health goals.


I’m a Registered Nurse NOT a Registered Dietitian.  Although I’m formally educated on how to resuscitate you when you drop dead from all those hamburgers and fries you eat, I’m not formally educated on all the mechanics and chemistry behind nutrition.  It’s a passion of mine.


I may unintentionally (or intentionally, but well meaningly) offend you on this blog, but my desire is to motivate you to make changes in order to enjoy the glorious side of health.  I’m not an extremist.  I enjoy of piece of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory every once and a while.  I’m just on the never-ending, exciting path of learning and experiencing the benefits of health and want you to join me.


Since I’ve now officially banned the forbidden word ‘diet’, what word gives you the heebie-jeebies?


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