No Diets Allowed first began with Kami Kilgore in 2013.  She started by sharing simple, healthy recipes with a focus on healthy eating and living.

In 2015, she started Everything Food Conference – the largest conference for online food content creators and influencers.  In order to build such a high quality event, she devoted all her time in building Everything Food.

In 2017, she assembled a rockstar team to revive No Diets Allowed and bring you a wide-variety of unforgettable recipes from four home chefs.  With this talented team, you and your family will have a great balance of healthy, sweet, and savory recipes.

Kami Kilgore has an amazingly supportive husband despite all her new crazy business ideas and two kids who make her laugh, keep her busy, and constantly remind her of what matters most… her family.  She loves sneaking health into her recipes so her man and littles can gobble up healthy recipes without them even knowing.  If her husband says he doesn’t like something, game on!  Creating tasty, nutritious recipes is one of her most favorite challenges.

Dana DeVolk is a professional Chef turned blogger, food photographer, and cookbook Author. She loves to share a wide variety of dishes, flavor profiles, and cuisines. She strives to make even the most timid home cook feel comfortable in the kitchen! You can find her on the weekends hunting for the perfect cupcake or new bbq spot. Her favorite celebrity Chef is Anthony Bourdain and her spirit animal is coffee (…or chocolate cake, she hasn’t decided yet).

Hello! I am Lisa and I love to make yummy food and make fun food videos!  I also love to lift weights, play with my dog, read books, come up with delicious recipes and help my husband with home improvements!  Once a California girl, I upped and moved to New Mexico to get my MS in Geology. I’ve fallen in love with the southwest and all the delicious green chile! After school, I got married to the most wonderful man, and have come to love working out and eating healthy! Recently I’ve gotten into making videos of recipes, which is always fun and challenging!