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I can honestly say that I am healthier because of Kami and the website No Diets Allowed.  I have come to see, very clearly, that I have to adopt a long-term lifestyle of health…I can’t just do something temporarily to “get in shape,” and then go back to what I was doing before.  I’ve participated in “Game On” probably 15 times across the last three years… it helps me truly change my habits, in a community of support and education.  My cravings have decreased, I eat much more healthy food than I otherwise wood, and I am constantly active… My wife and I are striving to do the very best things we can for our health and the health of our families and Kami continues to be a resource we turn to for building that healthy lifestyle.

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We love this game! We have gained a healthy lifestyle, made new friends, became stronger and have lots more energy! We have lost almost a whole person between the two of us losing a whopping 90 pounds combined! We are so grateful to you Kami for hosting this life-changing challenge and for giving us a longer healthier and happier life.

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When I did my first challenge, The Game On Health Challenge, I really thought it would be like everything else. I’d incorporate a few healthy habits for six weeks and then I’d would be done. Not so. Since that challenge, I feel healthier than I have in quite a few years! This is an excellent way to test yourself, learn some new, healthy habits and commit them to your life. Since then I have done the challenge twice more and have done the 21 Day Health Challenge. I learn something new about healthy living and myself every time. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get healthy.

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I wanted to lose the rest of my baby weight but needed some form of accountability in order to do it.  When I stumbled onto these games, they were perfect!  And after playing 2 rounds back-to-back, I lost the weight and THEN some!!  I’ve also never been a good water drinker but after playing, I’m seeing huge benefits with my health because of this simple change!  I know the health habits I’ve gained from playing will be implemented into my life long after the games are over.

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I haven’t felt this healthy and energetic in years. I lost over 10 pounds and inches in just 6 weeks!! This game will change your life. Bring on the next round!

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I started participating in the Game-On health challenge in May of 2014 when a friend of mine encouraged me to try it out with her. I was about 16 months postpartum and hadn’t lost all of the weight I had put on while pregnant. Participating in the challenges for the past ten months has helped me keep a better schedule during the day, get the sleep my body needs, and has aided me in seeing that even a full time working mom can make 20 minutes in her day to exercise and be more healthy. It has also allowed me to encourage friends at work to participate, and the challenge has created a fun way to hold each other accountable for the choices we make every day. My body reminds me when I need to get back on track and make better meal choices, and I have ventured out to find new, more healthy recipes to make for my family. I am five pounds away from by post pregnancy weight and feeling so much better about myself. I am so glad I chose to participate in the challenges and keep the daily reminders to choose to be more healthy.

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