Have you decided yet?

small_162622550Decision making.  Sometimes I love it like when choosing a nail polish color during a pedicure.  AND sometimes I hate it like when trying to decide where to eat with a group of friends that have no dining preferences or opinions.


Whether love or hate is involved, decisions have to be made.


We decide whether to wake up on the first annoyingly perky alarm or to hit snooze 5 times, wake up late, and curse before the day even begins.


We decide whether to take time to get ready or to use one knee to drive in order to put on mascara while looking in the rear-view mirror.


We decide whether to eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast or run out the door with a glass of juice/coffee/diet coke and a doughnut or not eat breakfast at all.


These horribly unhealthy decisions make me wince (although I’ve been a snooze hitter once or twice in my time).  The best part of decision making is we can change and improve our ability to make decisions!


One critical part of being healthy is making the decision that you want to leave that unhealthy lifestyle behind.  No looking back.


small__6764528023How did you make life changing decisions like your career choice, marriage/long-term partner, having children, or where to live? Deciding to live a healthy lifestyle is just as critical as these choices.


Without health, you will be miserable and exhausted working.  You won’t have energy to nurture your relationships.  You won’t be able to chase your kids around the playground without being winded.  You will also miss out on enjoying all the exciting activities offered where you live.


It’s time to decide to change. You’re worth it.  Deep inside, you have a healthy, happy, running-up-stairs-without-being-winded-or-knees-aching, swimming-suit-wearing-and-not-embarrassed YOU.  I see in your future a long-term, committed relationship with the new, healthy, and improved you.


What’s holding you back from deciding to live healthy?

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