GraduationOne of my greatest accomplishments was graduating from nursing school.


Each semester consisted of 16 credits, give or take.  16 credits isn’t bad, you say?  These were ‘nursing’ credits.  In addition to classes, there were labs, clinicals, and post clinical meetings. These added about 12 to 20 hours (sometimes more) a week on top of classroom time.  THEN add on studying, projects, nursing care plans, papers, and assignments.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely still found time to play, but nursing school was a challenge.


When I was lacking motivation or struggling with school, I reflected on why I was doing nursing in the first place. I enjoy learning about the human body, its functions, and disease processes.  I also ultimately wanted to make a difficult, scary, and uncertain situation for someone a little bit better.  Remembering my motivation helped me push through the hard times.


I do the same when making healthy choices.  When I’m near death during one of my workouts, I dig deep and remember my motivation and why I’m choosing to live healthy.


JSMB ReceptionMy father passed away in 2011 when I was pregnant with my first child.  He had suffered with Parkinson’s disease for 17 years and passed away suddenly one morning.  Ever since I was 12, I saw my father struggle with health.


That’s my motivation.  Longevity.  I want to have a long, healthy, productive, quality life for myself, husband, children, and future grandchildren.  If you’re going to successfully change into a healthy lifestyle, you need to figure out what’s your motivation for doing so.



Do you want to wear a swimming suit without being self-conscious, run a marathon, walk upstairs without being winded or knees aching, or watch every grandchild walk down the aisle?  Let me hear it! What’s your motivation?!?!


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