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One household item that prevents weightloss!

There’s an unhealthy relationship going on in YOUR HOME!  It’s leaving either YOU or YOUR SPOUSE or YOUR CHILD or YOUR LOVED ONE feeling anxious, depressed, guilty, unsuccessful, rejected and just plain miserable!  This needs to be stopped immediately!
Do you realize the severity of the situation since in the last couple of sentences I’ve used several EXCLAMATION!!! POINTS!!!?!?!  Are you prepared to learn the truth about this horrible, emotionally abusive household item that’s preventing weight loss?


YOUR SCALE.  It’s not your friend.  In fact, it’s your enemy and should be immediately tossed in the trash.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait….  No, I’m serious.  Get that thing out of your home before you read another line!


Okay, is it gone?  Whew!  Do you feel better?  I know I do.  Let’s re-cap your relationship with ‘the scale.’  Did it just stare at you whenever you got out of the shower or sat on the toilet?  Did it always remind you of that last ‘bad number’?  When you worked really hard to make healthy changes, did it just make you feel like a failure?  Did the numbers displayed make you feel anxious, depressed, rejected, and/or unmotivated to keep living healthy?  THIS ‘THING’ IS LYING TO YOU AND PREVENTING YOU FROM LOSING WEIGHT AND ENJOYING HEALTHY LIVING!


Remember the beginning of this journey YOU and I started together?  There were a couple steps to jump-start your healthy living… don’t forget about my eBooks for a more in depth plan.


  • 1) Stop dieting.
  • 2) Figure out your motivation for becoming healthy.  Personally, I don’t think a ‘number’… like losing 30 lbs… is stronger enough motivation.  Healthy living doesn’t stop when you reach a certain destination like 30 lbs.  It’s a PERMANENT change!
  • 3) Decide to make a change.
  • 4) Make time for health.
  • 5) Begin living my 6 easy health steps.


Implementing these steps and making healthy changes gets results!  The weight will come off and stay off if you live healthy.  You don’t need a scale to tell you whether or not you’re being successful!


Here are ways to tell if you’re getting healthy and losing weight WITHOUT A SCALE:


  • 1) Are your clothes fitting better or getting looser?
  • 2) How do you  FEEL? Are you feeling more confident? More energy? Better self-esteem or self image?
  • 3) Are you sleeping better?  Feeling more rested?
  • 4) Do you feel stronger? Longer endurance? More in shape?
  • 5) Are you less stressed or anxious or depressed?
  • 6) How do you look?  Any changes in your abdomen, cheek bones, jaw line, or shoulders?
  • 7) Are you motivated to truly eliminate those unhealthy habits?
  • 8) Do you WANT to workout, eat healthy, and get enough sleep?


If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, YOU’RE DOING IT!  You’re getting healthy and the weight will come off!  Promise.  Be patient and keep focused on your motivation.  Enjoy making healthy changes and the rest will follow, BUT PLEASE get rid of your scale.


I want to hear from you!


How did you dispose of your scale? Trash? Fire? Ran it over?  How do you know you’re getting healthier and losing weight without a scale?

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