Why buy a Vitamix?

My husband is an amazing and patient man.  How does this apply to you needing to purchase a Vitamix?  Well, we have always loved making smoothies.  Correction:  HE has always loved making smoothies even when it took 20 minutes in our old blender.  He would pack that thing full then spend FOREVER attempting to blend it all up with numerous of stops and stirs in between.  It was exhausting, and I didn’t have the patience for the ritual.


Kilgore Family- No Diets Allowed

 One year for our anniversary, we decided to buy a Blendtec as our gift to each other.  Romantic, I know.  BUT I was beginning to loathe and detest our old blender.  That thing needed to go!  I was over and done with the 20 minute smoothie making routine.  SO, we purchased a Blendtec.

We anxiously packed it full of fruits, veggies, and ice according to the directions.  We put the lid on, looked at each other full of anticipation and excitement, flipped on the switch, and…. NOTHING!  The engine was blazing, but none of the ingredients even moved!  SO DISAPPOINTED!  Since this was an expensive, high quality blender we were willing to give it a second try.  Same thing.  Third, fourth, fifth, and final try… same thing.

Since Bed Bath and Beyond have an amazing return policy, we returned it for a Vitamix.  We are in love with our Vitamix!  I use it at least once a day.  It blends anything and everything and has a tamper to stir ingredients while blending.  I use it for smoothies, dough, soups, batters, and grinding whole wheat, flax seeds, and other grains.  It’s a NDA kitchen essential and a must for healthy living.

Too expensive?  They always have refurbished ones on Amazon for much cheaper.  Also, I love my dry grain container for grinding my own wheat and other flours.

 If you have picky kids, wives, or husbands, smoothies are a great way to pack in nutrients.  They are sweet and tasty even when filled with vegetables.

Do you feel having a high quality blender is essential for healthy living?  What are some of your favorite ingredients when making a smoothie?

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Kami! My old Kitchenaid blender just died and I have been wondering if I should invest in a nice blender. I guess it will be a Vitamix!

    1. Anytime, Jami! I know it’s expensive, but is completely worth it. Check out their demos and trade shows (usually at Costco) for slightly cheaper prices.

  2. I do love making smoothies but usually do not because it takes so long in my cheapy blender – I really need to get me a Vitamix!

    1. I totally understand the ‘old blender’ frustration! That’s why we finally made the investment and haven’t regretted it since. Thanks for your comment, Summer!

  3. I LOVE making smoothies….it’s a fast easy meal for when you are on the go! However …….we bought a Blendtec a couple years ago & I LOVE it! I use it at least once a day. We have had great success with it. It blends up anything you want. I thing it is essential to have a GOOD blender if you love smoothies and want something fast and healthy. I use it for soups, make my own PB & batter for pancakes. May favorite thing to put in smoothies is kale or spinach….my kids will even drink it too!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lindsay! I definitely respect those on Team Blendtec even though I’m on Team Vitamix. Hahaha… I love putting spinach and kale in my smoothies too! Thank you again for sharing.

    1. Ha ha… There are lots of people who love their Blendtec. I probably was doing something wrong because it never worked for us. We can still be friends, Yvonne!

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