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10 High-Fat Foods That Are Good For YOU.

You need to eat more FAT!  No, no… don’t go run to McDonald’s for a cheeseburger.  Try eating these healthy fatty foods.  They help fight off cancer, stabilize cholesterol levels, burn fat, enhance your bodies ability to absorb nutrients, decrease heart disease, and improve memory and ‘brain’ health.  


If that isn’t motivation enough, they are also mouthwatering and scrumptious.   


10 Healthy Fats Collage- No Diets Allowed


1. Avocados


avocado nutrition facts- No Diets Allowed

Avocado- No Diets Allowed

Avocados are nature’s power food.  They’re very low in fructose and provide close to 20 essential health-boosting nutrients.  Avocados are one of the safest fruits.  Most experts believe you do not need to purchase organic ones because of their thick skin which protects against pesticides.  They are great for sandwiches (try mashed avocado instead of mayonnaise), smoothies, salads, soups, guacamole, dips, and toppings for about anything.


2. Coconut Milk


Coconut milk- No Diets Allowed

Coconut milk nutrion label

Coconut Milk contains mostly medium chain fatty acids which are more easily burned as energy which makes it a great option for a ‘good’ fat.  It almost maximizes calcium absorption.  This is a great substitute for heavy whipping cream in soups, milk in oatmeal, and many other recipes.  Lots of people have commented they don’t like coconut.  It actually DOES NOT taste ‘coconutty’ at all.  Trust me.  You won’t taste the coconut.


3. Coconut Oil

coconut oil- No Diets Allowed

coconut oil nutrition facts- No Diets Allowed


Coconut Oil,  just like coconut milk, have lots of health benefits.  It’s packed with anti-oxidants and medium-chain triglycerides which help with skin and hair care, stress relief, weight loss, immunity, digestion, diabetes management, and  heart health.  Instead of butter or other oils, try using coconut oil!  Just like coconut milk, you WILL NOT taste the coconut.  Promise.  Also, if you have eczema or dry, itchy skin, try bathing with 1/2 cup coconut oil or applying a small amount directly on the spot. You’ll love it.


4. Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, trout, and sardines)

salmon- No Diets Allowed

Salmon- No Diets Allowed


Fatty fish are power packed with omega 3s!  These fatty acids have numerous health benefits such as decrease heart disease, ease arthritis pain, lower blood pressure, fight off cancer, improve ‘brain’ health, and even improve eye sight.  I love grilling salmon or adding tuna to a salad.  Try Salmon with sweet-and-spicy salsa or Salmon baked in foil.


5. Nut Butters (peanut butter, almond butter, hazelnut butter, etc.)

nut butter- No Diets Allowed

almond butter nutrition facts

Nut Butters are a delicious way to get fiber, protein, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  I LOVE having nut butters with crisp, juicy apple slices.  Try using a different nut butter than peanut butter when baking and cooking.


6. Nuts

nuts- No Diets Allowed

nut nutrition facts- No Diets Allowed


Nuts have all the amazing health benefits of nut butters… it’s just a little more convenient to eat if you’re on the go.  I’m a firm believer in having healthy food options for those busy days.  Nuts are a great option to have in your car to satisfy your hunger INSTEAD of getting fast food.


7. Olive Oil

olive oil- No Diets Allowed

olive oil nutrition facts- No Diets Allowed


Olive Oil is a monounsaturated fatty acids (another fancy name for ‘healthy’ fats) which lowers the risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.  Just like coconut oil, it’s great for your hair and skin.  Apply it directly to a dry spot on your skin to help moisturize.



8. Flaxseeds


Flaxseed, Organic, Brown, Nutrition Label


Flaxseeds carry lot of health benefits for how small they are!  Whether you add them to your muffins, waffles, breads, or oatmeal, they are packed with omega 3s, fiber, magnesium, and Vitamin Bs.  You can add them whole or ground up.


9. Edamame

edamame- no diets allowed

edmamame nutrition label


Edamame are the ultimate power snack.  They’re high in fiber and protein.  They also have a nice portion of iron, vitamin C, and vitamin A.  In addition to the rockin’ nutrition facts, they really are delicious and fun to eat.  HOWEVER, Edamame MUST be organic and non-GMO verified in order to receive all the great benefits and avoid potential harmful additives.


10. Sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds- No Diets Allowed

sunflower seed nutrition facts

Sunflower seeds have selenium (cancer fighting agent), magnesium, Vitamin E, and anti-oxidants that help decrease heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.  They are packed with nutrients and fun to eat!


I want to hear from you!


Try substituting some of these ‘good’ fats into your favorite recipes.  Were you able to taste a difference?  What health benefits have you seen since eliminating or minimizing your ‘bad’ fat intake?

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  1. Edamame is the best! Also, since i saw your grilled corn recipe on here, we have been substituting coconut oil for butter and it has been absolutely fantastic!

  2. Great list! We use all of those – and I love each of their benefits. The best thing we ever discovered was fresh ground nut butter (peanut and almond) from the machine at our local health food store. Tastes SO much better than regular store bought Skippy or Jiffy and only has one ingredient: peanuts or almonds! Who needs all that other crap in the ingredient list??? Thanks for putting this together!

    1. Yvonne… I wish I could heart, ‘like’, hug, and shout your comment! I LOVE the freshly ground nut butters.

  3. When it comes to healthy foods, you sure know how to list them. Healthy foods are really great combination when your having a healthy diet. It’s very helpful when you workout while eating healthy foods because it will help you burn fats fast and then you’ll have your fit and healthy body.

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