In April of this year, my husband and I took an unforgettable 10 day trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong with 2 other those days being travel.  I could just happy cry thinking about all our amazing experiences.


I lived in Taiwan for 18 months while serving a mission for my church.   I learned Mandarin Chinese and fell in love with the people, culture, and the FOOD!  I also lived in Hong Kong for 3 years with my family when I was young.  This was my first time returning to both places and I was CRAZY, OVER-THE-TOP excited to introduce my husband to this part of the world.


I’m dying to share some experiences with you AND also share a new recipe.   I’ve re-created one of my most favorite dishes from Taiwan… Mango Bing!


My 6 foot 3 inch husband was a little tall for our Taiwan hotel bathroom door and the customary slippers were a little snug.


Ty Taiwan Collage- No Diets Allowed


We LOVED our time in Taiwan… we were on bikes every day just like when I was a missionary.  We also enjoyed a beautiful yet very steep hike.  We were only in Taiwan for 4 short days and were unable to enjoy everything we had hoped… especially Mango Bing!  It wasn’t quite mango season and could not find Mango Bing ANYWHERE!


Taiwan Collage- No Diets Allowed


We flew to Hong Kong to spend an additional 4 days.  It was incredibly humid, so please forgive my awful hair!  We enjoyed the unbelievable view from Victoria’s Peak and took cable cars to Lantau (rated the SCARIEST cable cars in the world) to hike up to a huge Buddha.  This was the day we found my beloved Mango Bing!


Hong Kong Collage- No Diets Allowed


After our cable car journey, we were walking the streets and enjoying some shopping.  We entered a mall with a food court with a variety of different cuisines.  In the Taiwan section, we found Mango Bing!  I excitedly pointed it out to my husband.  He wasn’t as excited as I was UNTIL he had his first bite.  Then after devouring our first, we went back for seconds.  Ladies and Gentleman… Mango Bing!


Mango Bing HK- No Diets Allowed


Mango Bing- No Diets Allowed


  • *3 large fresh mangoes, diced and returned to refrigerator
  • *1/4 cup sugar
  • *1 cup water
  • *2 tsp corn starch
  • *2 cups vanilla coconut milk, chilled
  • *6 cups ice


*In a small sauce pan over medium heat, combine 1 diced mango, sugar, water, and corn starch.  Stirring constantly until slight thickened.  Remove from heat and place all ingredients in blender.  Blend on high until smooth.  Place in airtight container and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.


*When mango sauce is chilled, place ice in blender and blend until ice is finely chopped.  Scoop 2 to 3 cups shaved ice in cup.  Pour about 1/2 cup mango sauce and 1 cup coconut milk evenly over the top of the ice.  Arrange diced mangoes on top.  Serve immediately and enjoy the beautiful taste of Taiwan!

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