Welcome to The Game-On Health Challenge!

Welcome to The Game-On Health Challenge!

Thank you for registering for The Game-On!  I will be emailing you with instructions, teams, and complete set of rules on the Sunday immediately prior to the game starting.  Thank you and please email [email protected] for any questions or concerns.  Game on, my friends!

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  1. I need accountability to make these healthy habits. Right now I am 53 and getting rounder and unhealthier.
    My coworker just resigned and will move onto a new job 9/27. Since there is a hiring freeze at work the position won’t be filled for a long time.
    Now is the time to start this change, so that I have the good habits before the work becomes even more stressful. The exercise and eating healthy will help me to manage the stress better. And I won’t be in an impossible health situation once work calms down again. I am committed to making this change.

    1. Pat, WELCOME! I’m so happy to have you join us. You’ll LOVE The Game-On and all the motivation and support it brings with it. Best of luck this round and Game On!

  2. Jake and I are excited to participate. I just signed up twice using my Paypal account. One is for me and the other is for Jake. Jake’s brother and his wife are supposed to sign up today too.

  3. Several people from my church join in and they seemed to enjoy it. I just got back from college and I really need to be motivated. What better way than a friendly competition.

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