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Made in Nature Review

Made in Nature
We were recently invited to review some Made In Nature’s products since New Year’s brings a renewed desire to eat and live healthy.  Sabrina and I over at Everything Food are already huge fans of healthy snacks and treats… SO we were more than willing to try out some of Made In Nature’s tastiness.

With the new year, we agree with Made In Nature that too many people set New Year’s resolutions around changing their diet which become too drastic, too restrictive, and just not fun. Healthy eating can be very enjoyable, doable, and sustainable thanks to companies like Made In Nature.

Since we all need quick and tasty snacks, organic Made In Nature has created delicious, nutritious snacks which can easily swap out those unhealthy eats.  Here are our suggestions on some of their sweet and savory options.

1. Coconut Chips – Vietnamese Cinnamon and Italian Espresso

I’m a huge fan of anything coconut. Coconut is already packed full of nutrition and taste and then Made In Nature went and added some bold flavors.  Italian Espresso is bold, rich, and tastes like espresso coffee.  I personally preferred the Vietnamese Cinnamon Swirl flavor.  Crunchy and cinnamon make this girl happy.  I wish it was a little sweeter, but I still enjoyed the Vietnamese Cinnamon Coconut Chips.

The texture and bold flavors reminded me of Corn Nuts.  It would be an easy and healthier swap out for Corn Nuts.

2. Kale Chips – Rosemary Truffle

I love baking my own kale chips, so I was excited to try these.  These are perfect substitutes for bold flavored potato chips.  I prefer lightly salted snacks over bold flavors, so I felt the rosemary was a little too bold for me.  However, if you do like potato chips with bold flavors, you will really enjoy Rosemary Truffle Kale Chips.

3. Nut Blend – Maple Balsamic

This snack combines sweet, savory, crunchy, and chewy.  It’s slightly sweet and tangy with a bountiful mix of tart cherry, fig, pepita, walnut, cashew, and almond.  This is a perfect substitute for any trail mix.  I really enjoyed the bold combination of flavors and textures.

4. Tropical Fusion

These would also be a great substitute for trail mixes.  I wish Tropical Fusion had something crunchy like nuts, but I did enjoy the combination of dried fruits.  It would be a great snack to grab when quickly headed out the door.

5. Figgy Pops

I saved my favorite for last.  These were really tasty!  They are soft, chewy, and sweet… my favorite combination.  By blending organic figs, tart cherries, walnuts, and cacao nibs, these Figgy Pops become the perfect super snack.  My kids even enjoyed them.  These would be an easy substitute for fruit snacks and MUCH healthier.

Thank you Made In Nature for sending us tasty treats!  Your products will be seeing our pantries again real soon.

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