Ikea Blogger Mixer Event

Ikea Mixer- No Diets Allowed

I went to my first official blogger mixer!  Ikea hosted where they provided breakfast, a $50 gift card, a chance to win a mattress set, and MOST IMPORTANTLY an opportunity to meet some amazing bloggers.  I didn’t know what to expect, but it was great mingling and learning from some amazing women. Since I loved getting to know them and their concepts, I wanted to introduce you to some of their websites.


I first met Britney from The Princess and her Cowboys.  She’s an adorable new mom of a 7 week old boy.  Her site provides anything from recipes to sewing to fun family ideas!  I definitely recommend checking out her site.



Britney and I sat down with Andrea from I Get Ready for breakfast. She’s a mother of 6 and currently busy planning the wedding of her oldest daughter.  She was great to give me ideas on how to customize a home emergency evacuation plan and food storage meal planning.  She has great ideas for emergency preparedness and recommend you using the resources from her site to get your family prepared for emergencies.



Andrea and I walked over to enjoy a mattress presentation and to enter the raffle.  Afterwards, I was on my way to do some shopping when I met Ruthie from What’s Cooking with Ruthie and Toni from Dazzle Design.  These women and their sites are absolutely stunning.  They were so kind and provided encouragement, photography tips, business advice, and just plain positive energy!


Ruthie was especially kind and spent time shopping with me.  She gave me inspired ideas on how to stage my food for photos and tips on utilizing natural light.  She shared her amazing weight loss journey with me and how it has inspired her to cook healthier.  I just loved her and her site AND I know you’ll love it too!  Don’t miss out on What’s Cooking with Ruthie and Dazzle Design.


I ended my shopping by Ruthie introducing me to Emily from Is This Really My Life?  She was kind and adorable and definitely a busy mom.  She’s a wife, mother, writer, and entrepreneur.  I love her site which provides humor and recipes and posts on how life can be crazy.


I REALLY enjoyed my time this morning and meeting some new friends.  Please check out these sites and support these hardworking and amazing women!



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  1. You win the prize for being the most on-top-of-it! Thanks for the conversation this morning, It’s wonderful to put blogs to faces and meet the people behind the blogs. You are adorable and have such a wonderful message to share, Keep it up!

    1. Ha ha.. Thanks, Andrea! My daughter took an extra long nap today. That’s my secret. It was great talking with you too. Best of luck with the wedding!

    1. Dru, I’m SO happy you found me! I remembered your site was polkadot… something. I was so mad at myself for blanking on the last part! Thank you for commenting and it was really enjoyable getting to know you. I can’t wait to follow you more closer.

  2. Okay, you are the cutest thing ever. For reals. And I love the idea behind your site. I’m your newest fan! So fun to see you and Ruthie at this morning’s mixer. Thanks for making my day with your shout-out!

    1. It was my pleasure, Emily! It looks like we became each others newest fans! I love your site and can’t wait to follow closer.

  3. Oh, you got to meet my FAVORITE Emily! She is an absolute doll, huh? So, glad that you had fun, wish I could have come to meet you. 🙂

    1. Evonne, I loved everyone I met and wish I could have met even more! Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you soon, but in the mean time I’ll get to know you through following you! Thanks for commenting.

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