Amber’s Weight Loss Success Story: 47 lbs Lost

My amazing blogger friend, Amber from Dessert Now Dinner Later, is sharing her weight loss success story.  I can’t wait to share with you her success and perspective.  Prepare to be motivated!


Amber Weight Loss Success Story- No Diets Allowed


How much weight have you lost?


I am currently maintaining 44lbs lost, but 47lbs lost was my highest.


What motivated you to get healthier?


I was just tired of being overweight and tired of all my stupid excuses that kept me heavier.


When you felt discouraged, how did you remain focused on your goals?


I had this pair of jeans that I really wanted to fit into.  They were a size 5, brand new with the tags still on them.  I REALLY wanted to fit into those jeans (and all my other size 5-7 pants that I held on to).  I wanted to be thin and fit again, so I just thought of how good I would look once I could fit back into all my skinny clothes.


What suggestions, tips, or advice would you share with someone who is just beginning their weight loss journey?


I started losing weight 3 months after I had my daughter (September 2011).  I started small.  For me it was easier to do one thing at a time rather than go all out, get exhausted and quit.  So I started with counting calories using My Fitness Pal.  I lost 10 lbs that first month (I was nursing at the time too, which I am sure helped).  Then a couple months later I added exercise 3x a week.  Then I would workout 5-6x a week.  I started to love how working out made me feel and I did it all at home with Jillian Michaels’ DVDs, 3lb hand weights and a yoga mat.  I think the most important thing when starting and trying to stay focused is to realize that you are going to have days where you go over your calories, or you cheat and have something unhealthy, but you get back up the very next day, and do better.  You do NOT wait for Monday, or until after the holidays!  You get focused again the very next day!  No excuses!  It really takes self control, hard work, and dedication.


How have you successfully kept the weight off?


I started my weight loss journey in September 2011, like I said, and by April 2012 I had lost 37lbs which was my goal.  By June 2012 I had lost 10 more pounds (47lbs total).  I could not believe I exceeded my goal!  Maintaining is almost as hard as losing the weight.  It really needs to be a lifestyle change to keep it off.  I obviously have gained a few pounds back, but I am still below my original goal which is great.  My biggest motivator is trying new workout programs to keep me interested in working out.  Right now I am doing Insanity, which I love!  Every now and then I will count my calories for a day to see where I am at and keep myself in check.  It’s definitely a day to day thing and I just try my best to eat healthy, and workout regularly.  


What difference (emotionally, mentally, and physically) have you seen in yourself since losing the weight?


I am so much more confident in myself!  I honestly hardly ever compare my size to others like I used to when I was heavy.  I am at a healthy weight, and I feel like I don’t have to worry about those things anymore because I am happy with myself.  I also feel more confident being intimate with my husband and that has strengthened our relationship. I like shopping for clothes again and I love feeling like I can teach my children healthy habits while they are young so they can live healthy lives.  When I was eating to cover up emotions, it temporarily satisfied, but working out has become a great substitute for those stressful binges.  I am physically stronger and able to do more and I won’t trade that for anything.


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  1. What an amazing and inspiring story! I am currently on a weight loss journey of my own to lose all the baby weight from having my two kiddos and it is a lifestyle choice for sure! I love reading success stories of people who have made huge changes in their lives for the better. I have been loving the workouts lately they have been helping me mix up my workouts and stay motivated!

  2. That’s quite an inspiring story. Many people give up on keeping their diet routine to a higher level. If they read this, they will be motivated and will help them to have a diet routine as well. Having a healthy living can give you a happy life.

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