Easy Italian Pasta Salad

Summer is busy.  BUT it’s the good busy.  Family BBQs, reunions, trips, and simply just enjoying the beautiful weather.  With all this fun, who wants to spend lots of time in the kitchen?  Not this girl!  I’m all about the quick and easy recipes during the...

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Fresh Fruit Salad

If you want something that will be consistently devoured by your family, you’ve come to the right place.  I make a large batch of this fresh fruit salad for every family gathering and it’s a hit each time.  Who would love juicy pineapple, crisp apples, and...

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Gluten-Free Pancakes

Happy 4th of July!  I’m gearing up for a full day of family fun tomorrow and hope you’re ready to do the same.  Am I the only one feeling like this year is flying by?  I can’t believe it’s already July! Well, the brutal heat makes it difficult...

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Honey Peanut Butter Cookies

Frequently, I get mistaken for someone who does not like dessert or sweet things because I’m healthy.  I either try to convince them that I do very much like my dessert despite the ‘yeah right’ look in their eye or I just smile politely and think...

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Coconut Chicken Curry

We have a fabulous little hole-in-the-wall Thai place right around the corner from our home.  I’m embarrassed to admit how often I think of their coconut chicken curry.  I want to call up and request just a tall glass of their coconut curry sauce.  Mmmmm Mmm.  I...

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Garlic Chicken Pasta

Sometimes I want something light for dinner.  And by light, I mean no heavy sauce but still rockin’ with flavor and satisfying.  I played around with this light olive oil sauce a couple times until my husband actually requested it!  Totally caught me by surprise...

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Cajun Scrambled Eggs

My husband was born and raised outside Atlanta, Georgia. When I was 16, I moved to Georgia where we first met.  ‘Aaaah… high school sweethearts!’  NOT exactly. I’m 2 years older than my man.  In high school, dating a younger man was a serious...

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