Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover Pizza

Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover Pizza, a yummy way to use up those leftovers!   Thanksgiving pizza… as if pizza isn’t already enough to get excited, I threw Thanksgiving leftovers on top. Oh, yeah! So, I’m pretty sure you can guess that I love...

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Eggnog Cheesecake Bars Recipe

You guys, these eggnog bars are so delicious and actually really easy to make. The eggnog cheesecake filling is a fairly standard one, but what sets these apart is the crust! It was a very happy accident that led me to using some failed cookie dough as the crust! You...

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Easy Leftover Turkey Chili Recipe

This rich, flavorful simple leftover turkey chili recipe will make you wish you had leftover turkey more often!  Why is Thanksgiving only once a year?!?! Let’s face it.  I think most of us love the holidays, but we all need a holiday to recover from the...

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Turkey Salad with Cranberries

Turkey Salad with Cranberries, a yummy and unexpected way to use up leftover turkey!   Turkey and cranberry salad is loaded with leftover turkey, cranberries, walnuts, and celery, all tossed in the BEST dressing.  Seriously, you will want to use this dressing on...

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Leftover Turkey Enchilada Recipe

This leftover turkey enchilada recipe is my go to recipe when I have lots of shredded turkey. It gives a whole new spin to that turkey meat that you may be getting tired of and that you probably still have tons of in your fridge. I like to make this, eat it for dinner...

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Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars, the perfect fall dessert, loaded with apples and cheesecake with a golden Oreo crust! This caramel apple cheesecake bar recipe is what your fall dreams are made of! Cinnamon apples, the creamiest cheesecake, a crust that is literally out...

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Loaded Scallop Potatoes

I grew up eating loaded bake potatoes and loved them! We also had our fair share of cheesy scalloped potatoes, you know, the ones from the box, and I loved those too. Now that I have a home of my own and a sweet husband to cook for I’ve tried to recreate two delicious...

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Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes

I love cupcakes! They are mini cakes of happiness that are the perfect size and usually topped with delicious frosting. Who could ask for more!   These sweet potato cupcakes are perfect to make if you have a little extra sweet potato puree leftover from all your...

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Best Turkey Gravy

This turkey gravy recipe is not only easy, but also THE best and most creamy, savory turkey gravy! I grew up making gravy for my family’s weekly Sunday dinner.  As a kid, I took this responsibility very seriously!  Every Sunday, my mom would make Slow Cooker...

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