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despise the word ‘diet’.  I have to control my impulse to shutter, roll my eyes, gag, or run out the door when I hear someone say ‘I’m going to start my diet tomorrow’ or ‘I’ve been really bad at my diet today’.


This is a NO DIETING ZONE!  Diet implies a beginning and an end, starvation, deprivation, celery only, punishment, torture, and just plain self loathing.  I DON’T diet.  I DON’T count calories.  I eat healthy.  I actually ENJOY eating healthy.  No torture, punishment, or deprivation here.


If you’re dieting, STOP!  It will get you nowhere.  If you want true success with reaching your health goals, you must first learn how to ENJOY HEALTH!  Good thing I’ve already figured out tasty, savory, and flavorful recipes for you!


Quick note: I’m a Registered Nurse NOT a Registered Dietitian.  Although I’m formally educated on how to resuscitate you when you drop dead from all those hamburgers and fries you eat, I’m not formally educated on all the mechanics and chemistry behind nutrition.  It’s a passion of mine.


Also, I’m NOT an extremist here.  I do enjoy of piece of cheesecake every once and a while.  Over a 6 year span, my husband and I have officially tried EVERY single piece of cheesecake on The Cheesecake Factory’s menu.  Shouldn’t we receive a plaque or something?  It’s about eating 90% of pure, natural, and organic foods and then eating 10% of whatever you want!  Trust me, I have LOTS of juicy tips to share with you.  Have you checked out my eBooks?


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