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testimonials_03CURRENT GAME IN PROGRESS: ends May 28th

NEXT GAME BEGINS: Monday, June 4th

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Saturday, June 2nd at midnight


Welcome to The Game-On Health Challenge inspired from the book The Game-On Diet… Oh, I really hate the word diet!   This challenge is competitive, motivating, gets results, and provides a chance to win some cash prizes!  

Check out the rules below.

To play, just fill out entry form and pay $20!  Each member on the winning team, the Most Valuable Player (the person with the highest individual score), Most Improved Player (player who improves the most during the game), and The Biggest Loser will split the kitty.  Want to hear from past challengers?  Read their testimonials here.

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The Game-On Health Challenge Rules

1) A perfect day is total of 100 points. A perfect week is total of 700 points.

2) You get one day off of each aspect of the game!  You can take a complete day off or split them up throughout the week such as Monday- meal plan day off, Tuesday- unhealthy habit day off, etc.  Give yourself full points on your days off.

3) In each category, except the meal plan, it’s either all points or nothing.  Deduct from the 30 meal points according to the penalties listed under deductions (full rules including bonuses/deductions will be emailed to you after registration).

4) Meal plan (30 points) – Choose any healthy meal plan such as Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, calorie counting (be sure to specify how many calories and what your penalties will be), dairy-free, no sugar/white flour, no fast food/processed foods, etc.  You need to be very specific on your meal plan.  Each time you eat outside your meal plan deduct 5 points.  No soda, diet soda, or alcohol during the game.  Period.  Each drink is minus 10 points for up to your maximum 30 daily meal points.

5) Exercise (20 points) – 20 minutes of exercise each day (with a day off, of course!)  It must be purposeful exercise… sorry, chasing kids or yard work doesn’t count.  However, if you are feeling under-the-weather, stretching or taking a walk can count as your exercise points.

6) Sleep 7+ hours (15 points) – 7+ hours of sleep each night.  For those new moms and insomniacs, 7+ hours in bed practicing relaxing techniques results in full points.

7) Water (10 points) – 3 liters of water each day.  Yes. Water.  The clear stuff you shower in.  The only things you can add to your water are fresh lime or lemon slices and fresh mint leaves.  Sorry, no exceptions.

8) Healthy Habit (10 points) – Pick one daily new habit to integrate during the game.

9) Unhealthy Habit (10 points) – Pick one daily unhealthy habit to eliminate during the game.

10) Communication (5 points) – One form of communication (email, text, Facebook, phone call, etc.) with one team member or opponent each day.  Posting on the Facebook group counts as your FULL communication points for the day.  Share a recipe, encouragement, playful banter… your choice!

Step 1: Read ALL The Game-On Health Challenge Rules above. If you still have questions, here’s The Game-On FAQs.

Step 2: Fill out The Game-On Health Challenge Entry Form.  This information will be shared with your teammates and opponents.  It also keeps you accountable.

Step 3: Pay $20 Registration Fee.  Why a registration fee?  $15 will go into a ‘kitty’ for the winning members, MVP, Most Improved Player, and Biggest Loser.  $5 goes towards organizing and hosting the game.  You must put a little ‘skin’ in the game to keep you motivated and to contribute to the awesome prizes!

Step 4: Once registration closes, I will organize you into teams and email you information on your teammates, opponents, provide full set of The Game-On rules (includes bonus points and deduction rules), daily tracking sheets, start date reminders, and further information on reporting your weekly score.

Step 5: Game On!  

Step 6: Don’t forget to follow No Diets Allowed on FacebookPinterestTwitterand Instagram!

Step 7: Each member on the winning team, the Most Valuable Player (the person with the highest individual score), Most Improved Player (player who improves the most during the game), and The Biggest Loser will split the kitty.  Each challenger can only win 1 prize from either being a winning member, the MVP, MIP, or The Biggest Loser.  You can choose to be paid via PayPal or through a gift card.  The gift cards can be to Target, Walmart, Amazon, Whole Foods, Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Macy’s, or Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Come play The Game-On Health Challenge and get healthy while having fun!  To play, fill out entry form and pay $20!

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